Are you a Senior Leader? Trainer? Teacher?

Increase teaching productivity, improve posture, relaxation, energy levels, manage emotions, improve focus and deal with conflict. The Healthy Teacher provides the opportunity to fill any gaps of knowledge to enhance teaching for your own subject specialism. Whilst we protect the student as a No. 1 priority, how can we be mindful of our own sustainability and health, teaching long term? We guide YOU on how to get more fulfilment out of your work and life balance by implementing techniques and practices in your professional and personal life.

Leave with a firm plan and future commitment.

A 2019 Ofsted Teacher Well-being in Schools and FE publication* stated that:

“While most teachers enjoy teaching and are positive about their workplace and their colleagues, self-reported well-being at work is generally low or moderate. Positive factors – such as school culture and relationships with colleagues – contribute to teachers’ well-being. However, they are counterbalanced by negative factors, such as high workload, lack of work–life balance, a perceived lack of resources and a perceived lack of support from leaders, especially for managing pupils’ behaviour.”

We believe Healthy Teaching is the FIRST in the UK to provide such Well-being training to Teachers and Lecturers.

*Read the full report here.


Maintain high quality teaching

In demanding pressurised environments

Staff well-being forms part of the leadership and management judgement in the Education Inspection Framework.  Ofsted will ensure that inspectors take this into account in coming to their judgements and monitor this through quality assurance and evaluation.

Our findings revealed that Teaching can be overwhelming & isolating.  Our research has concluded that many teachers may be suffering from stress and, as a result, there can be a shortage of good and outstanding teachers.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?…

  • Time – invest in how to manage to a greater effect
  • Use your expertise and patience to your own benefit, not just the students
  • Stay stress-free, energised and happy.

You are going to be shown the solution!

Who Am I?

My name is Lisa Claxton, and I am a Lecturer, an Exercise Teacher, Well-being Champion and Founder of TheBabyPost.

I have over 25 years’ experience in Training and Education. Initially as a trainer in The City for Dow Jones and Reuters, later running courses privately and more recently specialising in English as a Lecturer. Research and studies have highlighted increased demands on the teacher trainer and how they can be self aware whilst putting the student needs first. Passionate about equality and diversity my interests have been enabling student success for learners with SEND.


Choose the course that fits with your schedule. You will become INSPIRED and ENERGISED to enhance your teaching which considers your own well-being.

Designed FOR  trainers and teachers…


Led by Global Wellbeing Champion, Lisa Claxton, Reuters.  Endorsed by Christ Church Canterbury University.




The Healthy Teaching Workshop will give you the time to stop, reflect and plan your sense of wellness and work life balance as a teacher.

Topics covered…
  • Stress resilience and wellbeing
  • Setting and maintaining boundaries
  • Managing conflict at work – harmony
  • Self-care strategies: Food, mood and exercise/movement
  • Self-care strategies: Mindfulness and self-compassion – acknowledging feelings
  • Self-care strategies – Relaxation Creativity balance
  • Modelling healthy behaviour
  • Bring your passion back to your practice

……. and more ……….

Healthy Teaching


Stay Sharp. Get ahead.

Pop-Up Course Delivered to your School or College anywhere in the UK

Language Contextualised

Up to 30 Participants

1:1 in a natural setting

Workshops held in a state of the art training room

Refreshments included

Individual Course Tailored to YOUR needs.

Held in London or your location

1:1 Coaching

Join a group of Teachers

Share Ideas

Explore real, active scenarios in your subject specialism.

Up to 20 participants.

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What Our Delegates Say

Below are just some of the reviews we have received from delegates who have voluntarily sent comments in and are happy for them to be published and quoted.

‘The Training Day was Outstanding and I feel inspired and motivated full of ideas to enhance my practice and protect myself as a teacher for longevity.’
‘Thank you for all your support, understanding and all round help. You make the world a happier place. You’re amazing. I couldn’t have done it without you.’
‘I have been successful – just want to take this time in thanking Lisa my teacher. She is the best I have ever come across. I am so thankful for the time she took to help me to be prepared. She’s a wonderful tutor. Many thanks.’
‘Lisa made the retreat enjoyable. She is also very kind and cares about her participants. I can definitely say she’s the best teacher I’ve had.’
‘Lisa was the best tutor I have had. She helped me progress and I am very grateful for it. The workshops were enjoyable and engaging. Thanks’
‘After a tough ride and a stressful time, it was a breath of fresh air when Lisa began to tutor. Lisa went through weaknesses and gave encouragement not to give up. With Lisa’s hard work and support we finally got to where we needed to be and are over the moon. A pay rise and all is going well now. Please thank Lisa for everything.’
‘Lisa Claxton not only helped me achieve where others found hard, she also supported other subjects. Being a mature adult working with younger people, Lisa’s approach was impeccable. She started the mornings with gentle music and small opener activities. Her methods I have never seen before and they do help. Lisa is supportive with all participants.’