Inset Days

Higher quality targets on student attainment on small budgets, long hours and admin are just some challenges in education.  Multiple objectives mean looking after your own well-being and thinking critically in the moment may be difficult.  Training and teaching environments will now need to consider the leader and staff wellbeing is  paramount in delivering outstanding and good teaching and learning. If staff are undervalued, turnover can be frequent.

Teacher fulfilment affects students and decreases sick leave which affects budgets.  As Teachers become more mindful of self care and adopt techniques to increase wellbeing, this models well for students.  Some simple strategies as well as more complex life changes can benefit all.

Each of the inset day workshops can be structured as a one full day or two full day training session, which can include themes and topics which are important to your college, company or school.  Popular themes are boundaries, critical thinking, conflict, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating, positive classrooms, stress, creativity, resilience, exercise, movement and more.

Teachers and Trainers leave with a personal action plan for the future.

Our INSET days are very popular, so if you are looking to book something in 2020 get in touch now and we can get them booked in for you.

February 2020

April 2020