News Bulletin December 2019

News Bulletin December 2019

I am pleased to have been invited to join the Equality & Diversity team as a Well-Being Age Champion at London South East Colleges.  

We are offering Marks & Spencer vouchers for courses confirmed before December 31st;

As Christmas is upon us, it becomes more necessary to simplify our lives and reduce stress.   

Remember to stick to what is urgent and important to avoid unnecessary workloads.  

More teachers I talk to are making Christmas about sharing food and being together with less focus on buying gifts.  This week a teacher told me they have capped adult gifts to £5 each.  He was  surprised that the quality of gifts was not compromised due to market choices, such as vintage broaches and silver charms.    

What better time than the December break to invest in an hour a day of exercise or think about your posture.  Try a virtual class on YouTube in your own home without having to go to the gym; why wait until January to start a health kick?

Join the discussion on motivation on The LinkedIn Healthy Teaching group;

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Happy Healthy Christmas !!