News Bulletin January 2020

News Bulletin January 2020

Dry January, not in the traditional sense of the phrase but more in the sense that January is the month that seems to go on and on, with spirits tiring quickly and energy levels low after an exciting Christmas break. I am a medical student in my last year at the University of Manchester and son of Lisa Claxton, the creator of healthy teaching.  Throughout my childhood Lisa instilled the importance of de-stressing and taking time for myself, out of work. This is something that I regularly do using meditation and exercise, which is very important for your body and mind. 

Lisa’s healthy teaching program is about the importance of key workers having time for themselves, time outside of work to refresh their energy levels (physical and mental) and thus making their next teaching session more enjoyable for both pupils and teacher.  Teachers often focus on their student’s development at the detriment of their own, with increasing class sizes and a shortage of teachers, the workload is only getting higher.  Healthy teaching is a way for teachers to remember that before coming into the classroom, they must be in a good place so that they can teach their students the correct techniques and skills that are vital for their future.

Lisa has always been interested in furthering other people’s health and lifestyle habits. When I was younger, she would teach postnatal exercise classes for  women to feel more confident after giving birth. Many tasks are less about the actual childbirth itself and more about being in a good place physically and mentally, in the right headspace and once that is overcome the first few weeks with a new baby itself is often more enjoyable. 

So, whenever you feel yourself tiring out and spirits dropping, especially in those late winter evenings, listen to your body. Take some time away from the computer or take an hour off reviewing that student’s homework and just be present in the moment. Do something you enjoy, read a book or go for a jog. As a lack of concentration may be your bodies way of telling you it has reached its tether and a person who understands this is not only setting themselves up better to start another day, but may see those winter months through a lot more fruitfully. 

Louis Claxton