News Bulletin November 2019

News Bulletin November 2019

It has been inspiring this past month in launching Healthy Teaching and hearing from Senior Leaders up and down the Country about what they are already doing for the well-being of their teaching staff.  Some colleges already have established campaigns specifically designed with working groups to protect staff in the plight of a work life balance.  Last week I heard of a college who were running yoga classes for teachers.

Many organisations were honest that whilst they are addressing teacher and trainer health, there is still much to be achieved to improve staff retention and reduce sickness levels.  

Research concludes that whilst most teachers know what life work balance is, they struggle to find ways to reach this.  This is where Healthy Teaching offers workshops to address this.  

You might also find this article useful from The Guardian with 10 stress busting tips for teachers;

This month I have raised awareness of Healthy Teaching by speaking to key people at various education establishments and the conversation on shared well-being continues.  It has been rewarding discussing a subject which helps the teaching profession.    

Thank you to all those who are supporting Healthy Teaching.  

Join the discussion on motivation on The LinkedIn Healthy Teaching group;

Or join the conversation on the need for 7 hours sleep at The Facebook Healthy Teaching group;

Keep looking out for each other!