News Bulletin October 2019

News Bulletin October 2019

News Bulletin October 2019

I am excited to be able to offer the opportunity for teachers to self reflect and improve their well- being.

Previously having experience at Reuters as a Global Wellbeing Champion as a Trainer at Reuters and other financial institutions, I moved into teaching as a qualified vocation to give back to the community that I progressed in and teach the next generation.  

Having always been in the education sector, running private courses and after qualifying in the public sector, I listened to colleagues about their commitments and the effects it has on them personally. I then created a course that addresses Ofsted’s July 2019 report that highlights that the well-being of teachers needs to be improved and, as a result, will be on the education inspection framework.

It is clear that whilst teaching is extremely rewarding in terms of student achievements and working with professionals who all care so much about their students, the well-being of the teacher/trainer could be addressed.

Here is my solution based on research and I hope that you will enjoy participating for an improved work, life balance.