Postnatal Exercise Courses




Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

Welcome to your first step to fitness, particularly designed for Women after giving birth.

Classes are safe and effective in helping you to regain core stability and muscle tone.

Regular exercise will not only help you get back into shape, improve your posture, strength, stamina and mobility but also boost your energy levels.

I am a qualified Postnatal Exercise Teacher and established my business in 1996 after having my son.

Knowing there was support available during pregnancy, but fewer services postnatally, I qualified, set up and successfully ran courses in Wimbledon and Croydon.

Some Mums participate for relaxation aspects; time to themselves.  Other Mums attend purely for the fitness benefits, while a few simply enjoy sharing ideas and feelings and make new friends.  Over time, Mothers and Babies have built strong friendships.

My core values are to support and encourage new Mothers into fitness with their Baby – to provide enjoyable sessions in an inclusive environment.

Recently appointed as Equality & Diversity Well-Being Champion in my role as Lecturer at London South East Colleges, 2020.

Was appointed as Global Well-Being Champion at Thomson Reuters in 2015.

There is gradual progression of fitness from week 1 to 6.  Your Baby is welcome.  Relevant, varied postnatal topics each week provide a unique service.

Bespoke new baby literature such as posture, rec check, pelvic floor, relaxin hormone, safety tips with baby, baby massage and aromatherapy is distributed each week.

Lisa Claxton